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🥇 Product Teams with Less People and Product Adjacent Roles

Is the end of agile coaches and scrum masters going to be disrupted by AI

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In todays edition is for all the product owners out there and how they work in organizations:

  • Why CEOs value feature teams

  • Understanding product trios

  • Prodct backlog check

  • 10 tips to avoid when doing a transformation

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Shane Drumm, newsletter editor

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In defense of feature team product managers

Ben wrote this post on Lennys blog as a counter argument to Marty Cagans interview and strong views on empowered teams.

His goal in writing this post is to round out the public narrative around feature teams and enable you to form a more nuanced perspective.

Counter to the popular narrative, Ben believes that:

  • Feature team PMs are real PMs doing important work

  • Feature teams are extremely valuable to CEOs in certain scenarios

In this post he explains why and what it might mean for you.

Excellent 10min read by Ben Erez on Lennys Newsletter

WEEKLY TOP PICKS for Product Leaders

👨‍🍳 Is The Product Owner An Order Maker Or Order Taker?

3min read on Scrum.org

👯 Product Trios: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How to Get Started

12min read by Tersea Torres on Product Talk

⛔10 reasons Why Your Product Transformation Will Fail: including stop calling it a transformation.

8min Read from John Cutler

🎁 5 Organization Frameworks for Product Teams with directions on when to use and when to stop as you grow. Do you know which you fit in to right now?

12min read from Products That Count

The Product Backlog Health Check: Backlog management is supposed to be simple, but the reality is different. Often, the backlog becomes a disguise for a waterfall framework.

5min blog post by Untrapping Product Teams

🧠How To Harness A Founder Mindset Within An Established Company

32min podcast from The Product Manager


Aakash Gupta asked his followers on Linkedin which team you are on?

I think if you have a choice its an easy answer in C but in reality these decisions are well and truly out of our control

B has been the majority of enterprise large companies that I have worked in with jira. Jira has been 99% of companies except one startup.


Meryl Afrika attended ProductCon this week, the largest conference for product professionals across the globe! 🤯 and shared with key takeaways including…

See the other 7 takeaways here on Meryl’s profile


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