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  • 次 7 Mistakes Fake Product Managers make daily!!!

次 7 Mistakes Fake Product Managers make daily!!!

How to avoid these and how to become a super....

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In todays edition we discuss HOW you should be working as product owner/manger

  • 7 mistakes PO make

  • 10 types of Fake Product Managers

  • 6 strategies to start saying NO

  • Cool Product Name AI Generator

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Shane Drumm, newsletter editor

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儭 What Should Strategy, OKRs, and Discovery Allow You To Do?

Every choice you make about HOW you work should be in service of helping you and your team experience the core value of a practice.

Focus on connecting the dots you have and on improving the practices that exist, rather than drawing new ones and having to seek connections over again and again.

Click through to see how to put this theory into practice

WEEKLY TOP PICKS for Product Owners

What Product Owners Do & 7 Mistakes to Avoid

My favourite mistake is POs not saying NO enough.

I never had that problem but I have added plenty to stuff mid-sprint

 On saying no

Strategies, templates, and advice on how to stay focused while still - well the strategies and decision process is listed. Templates are behind a paywall  

2min read from Lenny's Newsletter

What is Backlog Grooming? Best Practices for Agile Projects

Some good ideas and process for backlog grooming session that you can use as your secret weapon against the scrum master

9min read from Product School

 The Secrets of Supercommunication with Charles Duhigg

To be a great product person you need to be great at conversating with people to extract theirs needs vs listening to them telling you their needs.

At same time you want to build meaningful relationships by people feeling like they had a good conversation vs a transactional experience.

This is why you should Supercommunicators book or the podcast where they discuss the key secret techniques they use. Charles makes it look easy.

1:11min Podcast from The Kevin Rose Show

Why is the Voice of the Customer Crucial for Your Business

6 steps to help you with VoC so you can capture the complete picture of the customer experience by looking at qualitative and quantitative data.

3min read on Product Coalition


10 free product names quickly and easily generated https://www.startersyrup.com/free-ai-tools/product-name-generator


YouTube Must Watch

10 Types Of Fake Product Managers

This is fantastic video with examples and stories of each type. I think we can all fall into these types at times but its not good if you have these habits all the time

Sneak peak of the 10 types

19min YouTube video from Mahmoud Khodor


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