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💸Double your PM Salary & Master Interviews

Is PM actually good career? is scrum master same?

Hey there🙂

Yesterday I got record engagement in my newsletter retro but for a first time the majority felt “it could be better”.

So I’m wondering if you could help me improve my telling me what you like and don’t so I can continue to improve please?

If you could just take this 2min survey it would help me so much. Thank you for the help, its much appreciated.

In todays edition is to all about Product jobs in two sections how to find one and secondly how to hire one…

  • Mastering Remote Interviews

  • ChatGTP interview companion

  • How to double your PM salary

  • Why Traditional Job Interviews Are Useless

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Shane Drumm, newsletter editor

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Product Owner and Scrum Master Combined in One Individual?

Ten Reasons Why Combining Product Owner and Scrum Master Roles is Not a Good Idea


Three Exceptions Where Combining the Product Owner and Scrum Master Roles Might Be Justified


Finding a Product Job

🛄 How I Knew I Wanted To Leave Customer Success And Become A Product Manager (great personal story)

7min read by Víctor Perdiguer

🤳Mastering Remote Interviews for Product Management Roles

1 hour 16min podcast on Product Management Stories

🖼️ Unorthodox frameworks for growing your product, career, and impact

1 hour 42 mins on Lennys Podcast

🤖 ChatGPT as a Companion to PM Interviews and Real-Work

💸How To Double Your PM Salary

35min podcast on theproductmanager.com

Hiring Product People

🙅Why Traditional Job Interviews Are Useless (and What to Do Instead)

15min Read by X from Product Growth by Aakash Gupta

🍼 4 tips for filling product positions

9min article by Richard Monrov



7min YouTube video by Anthony Saltarelli


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