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Becoming a Rockstar Product Engineer

Are they the future of product ownership?

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In todays edition is a bit technical with a focus more on building and delivering side of product management

  • Must read John Cutlers reason for low-tech documents

  • Aligning Product Management and Engineering

  • Guide to Becoming a Rockstar Product Engineer

  • Free guide on Product Responsibilities

  • Understanding your circle of influence

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Friction, Documentation, and Product Tools

John Cutler has claimed many teams should use static, low-tech documents and manual repetition instead of specialized work-tracking tools and goal-setting products.

He speaks about the importance of state history in what you said you would deliver but also when speaking to stakeholders

If you want to optimize how you track your work and give your to-do list and new approach, you need t read this article

5min blog post by John Cutler on The Beautiful Mess

WEEKLY TOP PICKS for Product Owners

πŸ“Aligning Product Management and Engineering - 11 easy to ask questions at the next team retro

8min Read by by Tanya Cordrey

πŸ”¨Can You Really Build a Product With Hard Single-Stack Developers? and most importantly 3 tips to fix it!

4min read by Jason Knight on One Knight in Product

🎸The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Rockstar Product Engineer: Not the same as software engineers - code is only a tool!

πŸ–ΌοΈ The Top 10 UX Design Trends of 2024 - I like the animated icons

12min read by The Product Manager

Free Resource

πŸ’ͺDefinitive Guide to the What and When of Product Owner Responsibilities

1 pager by Brian Milner on Mountain Goat Software

Paywall Blog Posts

πŸ”¬Business Analysts Can Use Generative AI to Analyze Code

7min read a Paid Medium post

πŸš…How to get up to speed in AI - quickly

Part of the Knowledge Series on Department of Product

πŸ§‘β€βš–οΈDeveloping Good Judgment - follow up to Product Manager super powers

Claim free spot to read this by Amy Mitchel on Product Management IRL


Allen Silber added a new circle to Stephen Covey's "Circles of Influence" framework that helps you focus on what truly matters.


5min YouTube video by Atlassian


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