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🦸‍♀️5 Principles every PM need to follow

How to reframe expectations and work via principles

Hey there🙂

In todays edition my favourite is the 5 simple principles on what PMs should be doing.

To mix it up I have added a few change management articles and video cause I think its the secret sauce to successful product management in how you manage stakeholders

What you can learn today:

  • Testing Assumption Examples

  • Jobs to be Done

  • Handling Self-Managed Teams

Thanks for opening this email today, hope you find it useful

Shane Drumm, newsletter editor

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What Good PMs Don't Do

David discusses what good PMs don’t do with examples of what they actually do with principles that you can follow that are easy to remember and actionable

10min blog post by David Pereira on Untrapping Product Teams

WEEKLY TOP PICKS for Product Managers

🦸‍♀️From zero to hero: Building product operations from scratch

3min Read by Product Alliance

🏗️Jobs to be Done for Product Managers

12min Deep Dive by the Product Collective

🧠How to Harness a Founder Mindset Within an Established Company

33min podcast interview with Brendan Fortune on The Product Manager

🧪Product in Practice: Testing Assumptions Was Tricky But the Convo Team Didn’t Give Up

15 case study by Melissa Suzuno on Product Talks

🎠Handling a Self-Managed Product Team: For the lucky product managers working with self-sufficient teams

3 strategies by Amy Mitchell on Product Management IRL


🔋The Power of Collective Change in Agile Transformation

14min podcast interview of Kirsi Sahlsten on the Scrum Master Toolbox

🎥 Overcoming the obstacles to cultural change

7min blog post with 57min video by Mike Cottmeyer on Leading Agile


8min YouTube video by Adriana Girdler


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